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Steps involved with file handling in C

Let us discuss the various steps involved in C language for file management. Opening, closing, reading, writing and the concepts behind them!

Basics of File Management in C

How we can save our data permanently by using files with C? Let us discuss the basic concepts of file handling and management using the C Language.

Structure some Examples

Let us do some examples to illustrate the use of structure in as more real world like objects. Specially using nested structs and functions, macros too.

Structure more concepts

Let us discuss more concepts about structure. How to use them as functions, macros, nesting them, and more uses to make them as real objects!

Structure Introduction

Let us discuss what are structure and how to use them in C language. How we can treat variables as a real world object using the struct.

Arrays Some cool examples

Let us discuss some cool examples to understand the concepts of arrays more easily. Creating, rotating, printing arrays, tables, average and lot more.

Arrays some more concepts

Let us discuss some important concepts about arrays. The value arrays holds by default, can we change size of an array, and about character arrays.

Introduction to Arrays

A brief introduction of arrays in C. How arrays are created and used to store data as a table. What is the difference between arrays and variable ?

Some more PreProcessors

Let us discuss the PreProcessors of the C programming language. How they works before and behind the code to make the coding FUN !

Define Preprocessor

Let us get started with the processors and discuss the

Auto and Register Variables

Let us discuss the concept behind the auto and register types of variables. How they are important in the C programming Language !

Static Variables

Let us discuss in detail about the Static Variables. How variables can be made undestructable, what does it actually mean by undestructable variables ?

Scope of the Variables Across Files

Let us discuss the scope of the variables, about how the variables can be used across the files in C language, the program as a project !

How the C language itself works ?

Let's us discuss in brief how the C language itself works ? How our code gets translated to computer's language for the execution ?

Scope of the variables Inside outside of a function

Let us discuss how the scope of variables can be set to make them work according to our needs inside or outside of a function in the C language.

More Concepts of Functions

Let us discuss some more advanced stuffs of using functions and some tricks and concepts to make programming style better in C language.


Let us discuss what are functions and how to use them in C language. How functions can reduce our work and can make our programming worth !

The Program Structure

Let us discuss a general introduction of the program structure. How a program is organized into different parts while being programmed !

Some Practical Applications of Control Flow

Let us do some practical applications of using control flow, in C language, also doing whatever we have learned so far, a good place to apply what we know.

Switch the Case

Let us discuss the switch and case method of control flow, an alternative for if else, that make control flow over choices in C language very easy.

break and continue the loops

Let us discuss how to use break and continue keywords to control the flow of loops in C language, avoiding the use of goto.

Using Goto and Label

Let us discuss how can we jump between different parts of our code using the goto and label statements. Also why to avoid it ?

conditional statements

Let us discuss how to use conditional statements to make a computer to take right decisions, by logic and if - else statements.

Flow Charts

Let us discuss how to draw flow charts and how these diagrams can be used to do control the flow of our program in a systematic way.

Miscellaneous Operators and Operator Precedence

Let us discuss the some important miscellaneous operators available in C language to carry some important stuffs and also the operator precedence.

Bitwise Operators

Let us introduce ourselves to the Bitwise Operators, which are used for manipulating bits by shifting and performing binary operations.

Logical Operators

Let us discuss the logical operators through which we can perform logical operations in the C programming language, that makes coding fun !

Relational Operators

Let us discuss the relational operators through which we can perform relational comparison in the C programming language.

Arithmetic Operators

Let us discuss the arithmetic operators through which we can perform mathematical operations in the C programming language.

Operators Introduction

Let us get started with the operators, C has a rich set of those, to perform amazing operations with numbers and logic, making programming awesome !

Advance Loops

Let us discuss some important concepts and awesome tricks and tips to that can be used with loops in the C the language for better coding.

Different kinds of loop

Let us discuss and differentiate between the different kinds of loop, namely for, while and do while available in C language.

Looping Repeating Concept

Let us learn the concept of looping and how to implement loops in C language, the syntax of for, while and do while loops.

Basic Formatted Input

Let us discuss the basic formatted input method in C, using scanf to take information trough the keyboard. How to put user values into the variables ?

Basic Formatted Output

Let us discuss the basic formatted output method in C, using printf to print information on the screen. How to print message and variable values ?

Basic Variable Types in C

let us discuss some basic variable types which are used to store different kinds of informations and how to use them in the C language.

Variables a handbag to store data!

Lets discuss the concept of storing data into memory bags called variables. What are variables and how to use them and add comments in you codes in C ?

Beginning C programming

Let us get started with programming in C, starting from very basic, let us print some sentence on the screen, from the classic Hello World !

Setting up the Computer for programming

How to set up a computer for programming ? And How to install GCC or codeblocks IDE and start programming with C language ? Let us discuss.

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