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Fuddlepixel is open to all. Anyone can submit their articles and tutorials to help the internet find answers to their technical doubts. If you have anything related to computers and internet, share with the world!

It would be best to first try contacting us directly and have a talk about your article. We will be happy to assist you :)

Audience and Topics

Fuddlepixel is more or less a general computer blog. So anything can be covered if it is related to computers.


  1. We have a talk about your concept.
  2. If we approve it.
  3. You send us your article along with images (if any).
  4. We edit and publish it.


  1. The article always remains yours. It’s your copyright. And you can remove it anytime you want.
  2. While publishing your article with us, you agree to grant us exclusive rights. That is, as long as your article is published on fuddlepixel you can’t publish it any where else (this is to avoid duplicate content).
  3. You article will be always available on the github repository. You can suggest your edits anytime!

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