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Congratulations! Now start coding!!!

It’s so great that you have decided to learn programming. Okay! let’s get started with a journey to code and decode the mystery of life with zeros and ones.

This page will help you decide what you want to learn.


I like being artistic! I want to make games!

There is a huge load of stuff you need to learn for games.

For making games for smartphones, frameworks like LibGDX seems popular, which is based on Java, and also android too uses Java. LibGDX is cross-platform. You can make games for iPhone, Windows and many other devices. So for games, you need to learn Java, Android, LibGDX.

If you are thinking of huge studio level projects with a lot of 3D stuff, you have to use either of Unity3D or Unreal Engine. So you might have to learn them with C# and C++ for better programming and scripting.

There are a lot of other options too. using Javascript and HTML, you can use a library called Phaser which makes it very easy to build online HTML games.

Many other interesting libraries are also available like Cocos2d.

I love to write. I want to make a website.

A simple website can be made with HTML along with some CSS for looks, and Javascript for brains.

If you want to build something like Facebook or Instagram, you need to learn PHP and MySQL and also some Website Security.

If you want to experiment with a normal website without any database head-ache but the complex structure and huge size, you can use tools like Jekyll. This site is built on that.

I want to make a software. Like the big ones.

Then you might need to go a bit deeper.

C++ is mainly used for Windows-based software. You will be using the Visual Studio.

For LINUX, C can do anything, and also, you can do anything with anything. LINUX is always programmer friendly.

For Android, you will go through JAVA or the modern Kotlin but not many resources are available for kotlin yet. And have to learn the Android SDK itself.

Obj-C for all the Apple stuff.

Most of the time, languages like C++ and Java build software for every platform.

How the languages and operating systems are made?

They mostly use C. Because languages, compilers, engines etc need to use the hardware efficiently. And C is just made for that.

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks sound something interesting to me.

You can start with Python directly as there is a lot of libraries already made to help you make the jump.

What about Hacking?

C and Python are popular for Hacking, and LINUX is used as the operating system.

I want to build robots! I am an electronics geek!

To interact with the hardware, C is still the best programming language. From Arduino to embedded design, C is widely used.

Also, devices like Raspberry Pi allows scripting as they got a CPU! So that becomes very easy with Python.

I want to rule the world!

Just dive in C.


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