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A very FAQ like Frequently Asked Questions. Collection of commonly asked questions about fuddlepixel. You might not need to ask!

Is there any History behind this site?
I initially started a online series called Newbie Programmer at my own blog. Now that tiny plant has grown into a tree called FuddlePixel.
Is this website made with wordpress or some big short cut?
No, I made it with a custom Jekyll setup, with my own framework called Beauter.
Can I ask you a question? I have a doubt or query!
Yes. Its no problem, you can ask me directly on Twitter/Quora.
Is this site free as freedom?
You can read the documents for free, there is no cost to learn but any kind of re-use is not allowed. All the content of this site is copyrighted. You have take permission before any kind of republication.
How can I contribute my ideas too?
This website is being maintained as an open source repository on Github. You can get involved here.