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C programming language

My favorite programming language. I am so obsessed with C, that on the Start page of this site, I said, to rule over the world, just dive in C. Haha.

Anyways, C is a very minimalist language, which is why it’s into everything. C is a language which is very tightly connected to hardware interaction. This is why it’s used for building Operating Systems, new languages, research stuff, robots, viruses, even all the current new languages, like python, are influenced and implemented with C!

The biggest thing is that C got pointers! (yeah I know People hate that too), but such simple tools are the reasons why C is still prominent today.

Whether its LINUX, SQL, your favorite game engines, and your favorite programming language, even your microwave oven, its running C!

So let’s get started with the most beautiful language…

[ posts coming soon… ]