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Miscellaneous Operators and Operator Precedence

Let us discuss the some important miscellaneous operators available in C language to carry some important stuffs and also the operator precedence.

Bitwise Operators

Let us introduce ourselves to the Bitwise Operators, which are used for manipulating bits by shifting and performing binary operations.

Mathematical Reasoning

Let us discuss how maths can perform logical operations and not only calculations. It is the subject called mathematical reasoning to do logic in maths !

Binary Number System

Let us discuss the Binary Number System, the zero and one coding system which is the actual language of computer and electronics !

Logical Operators

Let us discuss the logical operators through which we can perform logical operations in the C programming language, that makes coding fun !

Inside Logic Gates - The Electronic Logic

Let us discuss how electronic equipment really work with logic. How Logic Gates works. The electronic logic forms the real brain of computer systems.