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Some Practical Applications of Control Flow

Let us do some practical applications of using control flow, in C language, also doing whatever we have learned so far, a good place to apply what we know.

Switch the Case

Let us discuss the switch and case method of control flow, an alternative for if else, that make control flow over choices in C language very easy.

break and continue the loops

Let us discuss how to use break and continue keywords to control the flow of loops in C language, avoiding the use of goto.

Using Goto and Label

Let us discuss how can we jump between different parts of our code using the goto and label statements. Also why to avoid it ?

conditional statements

Let us discuss how to use conditional statements to make a computer to take right decisions, by logic and if - else statements.

Flow Charts

Let us discuss how to draw flow charts and how these diagrams can be used to do control the flow of our program in a systematic way.