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Scope of the Variables Across Files

Let us discuss the scope of the variables, about how the variables can be used across the files in C language, the program as a project !

How the C language itself works ?

Let's us discuss in brief how the C language itself works ? How our code gets translated to computer's language for the execution ?

Scope of the variables Inside outside of a function

Let us discuss how the scope of variables can be set to make them work according to our needs inside or outside of a function in the C language.

More Concepts of Functions

Let us discuss some more advanced stuffs of using functions and some tricks and concepts to make programming style better in C language.


Let us discuss what are functions and how to use them in C language. How functions can reduce our work and can make our programming worth !

The Program Structure

Let us discuss a general introduction of the program structure. How a program is organized into different parts while being programmed !