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Steps involved with file handling in C

Let us discuss the various steps involved in C language for file management. Opening, closing, reading, writing and the concepts behind them!

Basics of File Management in C

How we can save our data permanently by using files with C? Let us discuss the basic concepts of file handling and management using the C Language.

Structure some Examples

Let us do some examples to illustrate the use of structure in as more real world like objects. Specially using nested structs and functions, macros too.

Structure more concepts

Let us discuss more concepts about structure. How to use them as functions, macros, nesting them, and more uses to make them as real objects!

Structure Introduction

Let us discuss what are structure and how to use them in C language. How we can treat variables as a real world object using the struct.

Arrays Some cool examples

Let us discuss some cool examples to understand the concepts of arrays more easily. Creating, rotating, printing arrays, tables, average and lot more.