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7 Reasons why you should use GitHub Pages

Whether you are organizing large open source projects or writing a blog, GitHub pages is a wonderful thing to help you showcase your work on the internet all for free. Let’s learn how.

BASIC, the Programming language that made it all fun!

I am doing programming for a long time. But nothing was as fun as BASIC. Why not revive this nostalgia! Let me show you my love for the BASIC programming language!

Wordpress to Jekyll - Jekyll Exporter plugin

How to export and download posts and images from WordPress and use them in Jekyll with Jekyll Exporter Plugin.

What are RGB and hexadecimal color codes? How colors are coded in computers?

RGB and HEX colors are the standard color identifiers used in computers everywhere. Whether games or website, they play a fundamental role in defining colors in computers. But how they actually define every color using just numbers? Let us discuss!

SEO Title Guide - Improve keyword ranking and click rates

A detailed guide on using title tags properly for better SEO results and higher click through rates to improve page visibility in search engines result page.

A Static site setup with Jekyll, Github, and Netlify

This is how fuddlepixel.com is being hosted for now. A brief overview of hosting a static website using the open source and free services like Github, Netlify build on the top of Jekyll for ease.