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Basic Formatted Input

Let us discuss the basic formatted input method in C, using scanf to take information trough the keyboard. How to put user values into the variables ?

Basic Formatted Output

Let us discuss the basic formatted output method in C, using printf to print information on the screen. How to print message and variable values ?

Basic Variable Types in C

let us discuss some basic variable types which are used to store different kinds of informations and how to use them in the C language.

Variables a handbag to store data!

Lets discuss the concept of storing data into memory bags called variables. What are variables and how to use them and add comments in you codes in C ?

Beginning C programming

Let us get started with programming in C, starting from very basic, let us print some sentence on the screen, from the classic Hello World !

Setting up the Computer for programming

How to set up a computer for programming ? And How to install GCC or codeblocks IDE and start programming with C language ? Let us discuss.