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How to change extension of multiple files with PowerShell

A super easy windows trick to change extension a batch of all the files in a directory using PowerShell.

libgdx tutorial how to setup and begin game development

A simple how to Libgdx tutorial to setup game development on your computer and start making android games in java.

How to start game development on your own

A great guide to help you take your first steps in the world of video game development with everything you need to begin with so that you can start building your own games today.

Types of Database

The way how we organize data plays an important role in their handling. Types of databases are classified on the basis of how the data is stored and organized within themselves.

What is a Database?

The information of the IT. Data and Database. What are they? Why do we need Database management system DBMS? Let's find out.

Open Source in a minute

let's discuss what is open source, how to get started, release your code and contribute to a lot of great projects being built collaboratively.

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