fuddlepixelFuddlepixel coz tech is fun();

What is it about the name “fuddlepixel” ?

  • Fuddle: (noun) a state of confusion or intoxication.
  • Pixel: (noun) the basic unit of programmable color.

FuddlePixel is a free website for programming lessons and tutorials for many subjects. This website is updated almost daily with a lot of free content so as to help the ‘new-and-confused programmers’ (aka: FuddlePixel) learn programming from zero without any formality or effort.

A simple and minimal site to just open, explore, and discuss.

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Who am I?

Shubham Ramdeo

My name is Shubham Ramdeo. I founded this website with a prime aim to share my daily notes on programming, helping new programmers, documenting my coding journey. Follow me on twitter: @ramdeoshubham.